Salmon Hatcheries in Washington State

by Dane Miller

The State of Washington contains 1166 dams within the state. The Columbia River contains more than 60 dams, containing some of the largest dams in the United States. However, the fish ladders the allow salmon and steal head to move upstream stop at Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, Washington (47.9953° N, 119.6333° W). There is roughly a 500 mile stretch of the Columbia River where salmon and steelhead trout from the Pacific Ocean can not migrate upstream to the headwaters due to the Chief Joseph Dam.

Here is a map of the Columbia River watershed.
Columbia River Watershed

In this post I have mapped the salmon hatcheries in Washington State using folium in Python.

Here is the salmon hatchery interactive map.

Here is a map of the dams in Washington state.

Here is the interactive map by The Northwest Power and Conservation Council.
Dams along the Columbia River

Perhaps one day the Chief Joseph Dam along the Columbia River will be removed and salmon could one day return to the upper section of the Columbia River.

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