Mapping with folium

by Dane Miller

Here is a very easy to use interactive mapping module in python called folium. It is a fast way to make maps while the map can be interactive.

Click on the link to open the map.
Santa fe map

Here is some documentation how to work through and create your own map.

In order to run to create a map you will need to install folium.

I would also suggest installing Ipyleaflet which contains lots of mapping features.
folium.Map(location=[35.6870, -105.9378],
          tiles='Stamen Toner',
map_1 = folium.Map(location=[35.6870, -105.9378],
                   tiles='Stamen Terrain')
folium.Marker([35.6892, -105.9413], popup='Georgia O Keeffe Museum').add_to(map_1)
folium.Marker([35.6865, -105.9359], popup='Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi').add_to(map_1)
folium.Marker([35.6641, -105.9266], popup='Museum of International Folk Art').add_to(map_1)
folium.Marker([35.5889, -106.0775], popup='arroyo de los chamisos trail').add_to(map_1)
folium.Marker([35.6661433, -105.8308525], popup='Thompson Peak Trail, NM').add_to(map_1)


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