Bottled Water pH

by Dane Miller

Here is a quick analysis of bottle drinking pH plotted with seaborn. I started by looking up cited material on documenting bottle water pH analysis (see chart below). With my analysis converted the pH for each brand to H+ and OH-.


Brands pH [H+]aq mol-1 [OH-]aq mol-1
Coca-Cola 2.24 0.0224 2.24E-13
VitaminWater 2.49 0.0249 2.49E-13
Gatorade 2.92 0.0292 2.92E-13
Ozarka water 5.16 0.0000516 5.16E-09
Aquafina 5.63 0.0000563 5.63E-09
Dasnia 5.72 0.0000572 5.72E-09
Nestle Pure Life 6.24 0.00000624 6.24E-08
Evian 6.89 0.00000689 6.89E-08
Fiji 6.9 0.0000069 0.000000069
Smart Water 6.91 0.00000691 6.91E-08
Houston Tap Water 7.29 0.000000729 0.000000729
Pasadena Tap Water 7.58 0.000000758 0.000000758
Evamor 8.78 8.78E-08 0.00000878
Essentia 10.38 1.038E-09 0.001038


Here is the article if you would like more information:


Plotting the [H+]aq mol-1 and [OH-]aq mol-1 with pH show us a clearer picture of the relationship between pH and H/OH. When the pH values are high are associated with OH values and low pH values are associated with H values.

H: Hydrogen ion concentration

OH: Hydroxide ion concentration


pH and [H+] – Hydrogen

download (1).png

pH and [OH-] Hydroxide

download (3).png



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